Legend 1: Newbies lucky.
Of course, newbies are not luckier than usual. When the former winner wins, they don’t pay much attention to it. And when a novice wins (especially when he puts the chip in the first place and gets 36 chips in return), he rejoices louder, the people around him emphasize his success. The casino is useful for attracting new ones and is a good explanation of why the old timer institution is recruiting staff.

When in the legend 2: 10 (20, 30 …) once the “red” falls, then the “black” now falls!
This is just an illusion coming from the field of psychology. In fact, the likelihood that the “red aya” will fall 10 times in a row is very small – less than 0.1%. Therefore, when we see that the red font has fallen 9 times, we have no doubt that the black du will definitely fall for the 10th time. In fact, the key point here is that “9 lem fell nine times çıkma red lem from ALREADY; 9 times as “red” and then “black”). I rarely went to the casino, but long series were found of the same color as those who thought they could not go on forever. Yes, they can not do it in an unlimited way, but a series of monochrome lilies can end with the next move – 50 – 50.