For most people, the gambling industry is a mystery in itself. His ideas about casinos are full of myths, legends and dreams. Even casino customers regularly share erroneous assumptions about many problems with gambling.

However, in the history of the casino there were cases when even experts shrugged their shoulders with disbelief. In strange conditions, fraudulent gains are associated with gimmicks, mystical losses and other incidents. As a rule, it is not always possible to prove it, but the guilty ones stand behind it.

The article discusses the most resonant secrets that the underground world has penetrated into the field of gambling.

Horizon Casino Robbery
On November 9, 2003, at four o’clock in the morning in Vicksburg, Mississippi, a crime was committed, as a result of which the local police were damaged. An employee of the gaming machine Horizon Casino employee went for a smoke break and ran into a man with a gun.

A masked man and a cowboy jacket entered and opened the cashiers along with other workers. He warned that the building had two bombs, and he wanted to give him all the money. Weapons for them and people who were afraid of a possible explosion, gave the robber sixty thousand dollars. Then the criminal escaped.